Holy Cow® Garden Mix!

This totally organic premium mix is specially blended with just the right amounts of premium topsoil, pine fines-soil conditioner, mushroom compost, a touch of sand for drainage, then is fortified with organic worm castings! This top shelf blend is ideally used in raised vegetable gardens, rose beds, or wherever your existing soil is just not worth using. By having topsoil already blended in this mix, you don't even have to get the tiller out. Plant directly in it, watch it grow, and get ready to say, "HOLY COW!" Expect a high yield!

  • High octane organic mix
  • Ideal organic matter content
  • Balanced pH Sandy Loam texture
  • Nutrient rich

Developed by
Southern Nurseries

Totally Organic

General Information

Composition Worm Castings, Compost, Soil Conditioner, Sand, Premium Topsoil
Bulk Density 0.77 g/cm3
Textural Classification Sandy Loam
Organic Matter 15.9%
pH 6.9 - 7.1
Maximum Particle Size 3.02 mm