Holy Cow® Landscape Mix!

The preferred choice of landscape contractors for over 20 years. Ideally used in landscaping beds and for enriching native soils. This sandy loam mixture has been meticulously designed to have the ideal balance of pH, organic matter, and moisture retention while providing the necessary drainage your landscape requires. Don't be fooled by other "miracle" workers, for heavenly results rely on Holy Cow® LANDSCAPE Mix!

  • High octane organic mix
  • Ideal organic matter content
  • Balanced pH
  • Sandy Loam texture
  • Nutrient rich

Developed by
Southern Nurseries

Totally Organic

General Information

Composition Nutrient Grade Compost, Soil Conditioner, Sand, Premium Topsoil
Bulk Density 0.48 g/cm3
Textural Classification Sandy Loam
Organic Matter 14.8%
pH 6.5 - 7.9
Maximum Particle Size 4.32 mm