Holy Cow® Potting Mix!

Our Potting Mix makes gardening easy. Being fortified with Worm Castings and mycorrhizae is what makes Holy Cow® a miracle worker. This mix has all the moisture control and time release fertilizer required to makes your pots pop! Ideal for use in containers inside or outside. This media has been meticulously designed to have the ideal balance of pH, organic matter, moisture retention while providing the necessary drainage your container plants require. Don't be fooled by other "miracle" workers, for heavenly results rely on Holy Cow® POTTING MIX!

  • High octane organic mix
  • Ideal organic matter content
  • Slightly acidic pH
  • Nutrient rich
  • Worm castings!!!

Developed by
Southern Nurseries

Totally Organic

General Information

Composition Worm Castings, Soil Conditioner, Nutrient Grade Compost, Sand
Bulk Density 0.42 g/cm3
Textural Classification Media
Organic Matter 68.9%
pH 6.3 - 6.7
Maximum Particle Size 5.02 mm